On July 10th 2009, a group from Ball State University will travel to Malawi, Africa to work with an orphanage called Mtendere Village.

We will dedicate our time to supporting children of all ages, including orphans and students, while also exploring the beautiful countryside and supporting the local economy. We will provide needed resources, including education materials and hygiene supplies to local schools and communities, as well as to the Ambassadors for Children sustainable project at Mtendere Village.

In a country with an average life expectancy of less than 45 years old, the people of Malawi deserve our attention and assistance. An estimated one million children in Malawi have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS and Malaria. Millions more are not able to complete their schooling. Without education and access to medical care, the children of Malawi will be unable to escape the cycle of poverty.


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  1. Found it. I spelled it Malawai, so I had a bit of a hard time. I’ll check in as you travel. I hope the group has fun as you gain from your experiences. Stay safe.

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