Safari at Mvuu Camp


I had to take a day off from blogging so we could safari at Mvuu (hippo) Camp. This realized one goal from a few people’s bucket lists. when we arrived, we crossed the river by boat to breathtaking accomodations. Baobab trees towered over our chalets, which were constantly surrounded by monkeys, warthogs, and several different species of birds. The front of our chalet was only 60 feet away from the water where the hippos reside during the day. At night, the hippos come out and make their grunting noises. We are walked by armed guards after dark.

The land safari itself was an amazing experience despite the cold rain. We saw impalas, sables, zebras, hyenas, warthogs, and monkeys. We never did find the eluding black rhino. At dusk, we started our night safari; I was surprised by the amount of animals we saw. We stopped for the giant porcupines rustling along the ground, but the feeding hippos is what we were really after.

We ate breakfast in the morning with the monkeys. Literally, the monkeys jumped on our table and stole a piece of toast! Then, our morning safari was on the water. There we saw more birds, herds of hippos sleeping, and a giant crocodile. We got really close to take a picture and it didn’t move. Then, it suddenly opened its mouth and lunged under the boat. The experience of a lifetime!


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