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We are in Malawi!!!

We are checked in at the hotel and we are getting ready to go to dinner.  We just arrived in Malawi and even the ride in the van from the airport is making an impact.  On the side of the road, you see lots of people.  Many are selling things (the rats on a stick is a big winner), and others are carrying supplies, many women carrying loads on their head.  The most disheartening thing is to see the small children in groups with no adult in sight.  Malawi is so different from the world we are used to; it is unreal to see people living in this way.  Another thing I noticed is a lack of commercial advertisement.  We will occasionally cross a billboard, but the content is a message from the government.  I am sure we will gain more insight about the lifestyles and culture during our stay.

On a side note, the wifi at the hotel is not very reliable, but I can keep up with posts from the hotel computer lounge as long as we have power.  This will, however, make it very difficult to send pictures, but I am working on it.


7 Responses

  1. So glad to hear you all made it ok. You will all make a great impact during your stay! Lots of Love and Big Vogel hugs!!! Love, Jen, Mom, and Cayd

  2. Good to know your feet are on the ground safe. We are so excited to be able to “travel” with you though the blog. Keep safe. Love Mom & Dad

  3. Did you buy a rat as a souvenir?

  4. Ellen-
    Good to hear you have your feet on the ground! Am very proud of you and think that it is great what you are doing! Don’t let the spiders get you! Love ya!

  5. Ellen-
    Good to hear you have your feet back on the ground again! Am very proud of you and think what you are doing is great! Don’t let the spiders get you! Love ya!

  6. Ellen-
    Glad to hear you guys have made it safe and sound! We are very proud of you and wish you the best! Love ya!

    P.S. Watch out for the 8 legged critters!

  7. We (I) are so proud. Just think of what it means that you are even able to travel that far, that fast, for reasons of educating yourselves and others. We truly live in a marvelous time with many possibilities.

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